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Windows 10 Professional offer 22 April 2020

Our Windows 10 Professional offer is proving popular, but we keep getting asked the same questions. So, here's a few answers to common questions:

What does 1-PC, lifetime mean? It means you can only install on one PC at one time, but the lifetime aspect means you can move and migrate to another PC at a later date. Just make sure you fully remove from your old system first.

Can I upgrade from Home? You can and it's super-easy. Simply go to "Settings > Activation > Change product key" and you'll be able to drop in your new Professional code and unlock the Professional features. No need to re-install Windows 10.

Is this is a download? Yes, all our software is supplied as a download, but we do give you the option to add an install DVD through the order process. The DVD takes between 7-21 days to arrive.

Will the activation code work outside the United States? Yes!

If you have any other questions, reach out to us on Live Chat.

We answer the most common questions about our fantastic Windows 10 Professional offer...

It's our Ten Year Anniversary so we've gone and redesigned your store! 12 November 2019

We first launched this software store in November 2009. Ten years ago! We felt it was in dire need of a visual refresh. The old store design wasn't mobile-friendly at all.

Two months in development and we're proud to present a brand new store design and an updated Cleverbridge cart. We're happy with both.

The main difference is this new store design is easier to navigate, read and understand. It also works very effectively on your iPad or Android tablet device and you can browse on your phone if you desire (not recommended for using to order, however).

We'd love your feedback! Do you like the new design? Any issues you've noticed?

We first launched November 2019. Ten years ago! So, we decided the store needed a refresh. Read on...

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 at 73% off should be your next security suite 31 October 2019

Most people do not realise that a security suite is for your own personal use. You can't use a home licence in the office nor can you share it with your family or friends. A 3-Device licence is for yourself and your three devices.

There are exceptions to this rule. Kaspersky Total Security 2020 allows you to use it across two separate Kaspersky accounts. But Bitdefender's Family Pack is even more flexible and this is why it should be your security suite of choice.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 takes the popular Total Security 2020 and offers a flexible 15-Device licence which you can assign to anyone you trust - family or friends. Unlike other secuity suites, you can go in to your Bitdefender account and choose the people who you give a device allocation. In theory, you could give 14 family members or friends single device protection, all from one purchase! Seriously good value.

We have Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 at 73% off MSRP for the 1-Year version. There are also 2-year and 3-year versions available, too.

Not only 73% off, but with a hugely flexible 15-Device licence for all your family and friends...

November 2019 Store Highlights

Each month the store has a range of special offers we highlight on this page. This month, we're paying particular attention to these deals:

*note that these min's are based on USD pricing.

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